Tuesday, January 09, 2007

bad dreams

Had a bad dream last night...woke up crying, it hasnt happened for quite a long time now..hope wont happen for such a long time again :) parisa says that if you cry in a dream it brings happiness, but what if you cry not in a dream but after it :O Anyways i dont believe this crap ... dreams are just dreams, the natural reflection of our fears and worries hidden in subconscious mind.... am i not smart? :P Anyways, really hope that wont repeat...ever..for the first time, love, wanted you sooooooo badly to be with me when i woke up...just to hold me and say that everything will be fine :) but you werent there...though of course not your fault..
Hope to have the sweetest of all dreams tonight - just sabse meethe sapne :)...jarror i'll have them ;) or at least i will believe it :)

Good night, world!
Sabse meethe sapne!
Сладких снов! :)

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