Tuesday, January 05, 2010

How to keep your relationship alive

Have you ever wondered how most of us dream about the same things? We might be different. We might argue a lot. We might fight and try to prove our point of view. But in the end of the day when we go to bed and are one on one with our thoughts and dreams and desires we want the only one thing - admit it or deny it - we want to be loved. And we want to be happy. And somehow one does not go without another.

At the late hour of the night some of us lie there awake dreaming of something they have never had but know exactly what it should be like. They have not yet had this feeling of comfort and calmness love gives you. They have not yet looked into the eyes of their soulmate and have not seen unlimited care and understanding there. They have not yet trusted someone unconditionally. And they have not yet met that one person who can read their mind, answer their questions before these questions are actually being asked. They have not met that person who can bring excitement, happiness, joy in their life. They have not met that special someone who can literally take their breath away just by being there. They have not. But they know they will. They hope, they dream and while they are lonely at this very moment they know very well that it is not going this way forever. Or so they hope.

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