Monday, July 02, 2007

thats me again, not blogging for quite a while already, really sorry about has become crazy, am impossibly caught up with things and problems. Not that there are something serious, just quite a lot to deal with recently and things which i have to deal alone which doesnt make it any easier.
I mean it would be great to be able to share all this with friends but dont want to bother them with all this stuff and the only one person i would dare to bother is not available for quite some time already. Hope to get him back soon as it is really getting tooooooo long... nevermind this silly talk of mind, just i guess i am too tired and overexhausted working without any weekends.
The only good thing about it that i am going on leave soon and will get time to fix some personal problems too and time to sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep which i almost dont have these days :))
i guess thats the problem for all of us... whomever i ask what are the plans for the weekend people reply - SLEEP!! hehe...thats becoming way too predicatble ;)
Ohh.. thought to mention that my idea of indian geography is getting better since everyone i know is moving around it... so now i know way too many cities :D
i guess thats time to finish up for today since i am dead tired, workload is too much and i even dont have time to make small breaks for tea or just to call home to talk with my niece on phone (which is sooooooooooooo cute..... i mean talking to her :P) .. so going to take some rest now and promise to be back soon :)

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