Monday, June 08, 2009

Love ramblings updated

Have you ever thought why people want to get their Ex back? And if they actually should? That's the topic which is covered in today's Love Ramblings on The Colors Magazine.

Here is a short abstract of it:

"I could understand why you want to get someone back. You might still love this person. No matter if you hurt them or they hurt you. You are ready to forgive and forget or you are ready to beg for forgiving. Is it worth it? Yes, the history knows the cases when people get married, divorce, then realize their mistakes and get married again. And live happily. Like all the fairytales promise. And you so want to believe that yours is the same case. That once you get back together things will be different and you won’t repeat same mistakes and you won’t ever part your ways again".
Want to read more, check it out here

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